Dream of: 22 August 1998 "Goodbye Mon Amour"

Early in the morning, my father, Carolina, and I had entered an antique mall filled with small shops displaying their wares. Once we were inside, Carolina wandered off by herself while my father picked up a book and began reading. I thought I might later tell my father that I also sometimes came here and read books.

For myself, I began passing from one shop to another, finally stopping at a shop mostly filled with furniture painted dark green. I thought the owner could effectively display more items by placing them on the furniture. I also thought how I would like to open up my own shop in this mall for just one month to sell some of the things which I had accumulated. However, I wouldn't want to have a permanent shop and pay expensive monthly fees.

I continued on to another shop where a man was setting up for the first time. Early in the morning like this seemed like the best time to be here, when people were just setting out their wares. The man, who was putting old coins on display, seemed unsure of himself and he asked me if he were arranging the coins correctly; obviously he wasn't.

I passed on to the next stand where I finally found some items of interest. A Wizard of Oz board game was priced at only $6.99. The box for the game was about a foot and a half long. The game was old and the corners of the box were split.

I also found a box for an old 45 rpm record. I liked the colorful red cover on the box, even though the box was falling apart and the record wasn't in the box. The bottom part of the box with the name was missing. I tried to hold the remaining pieces of the box together, without much success.

What most interested me, however, was a 78 rpm record album which contained a record entitled "Goodbye mon Amour." The price of the album was $7.99. I wanted to buy the album, and figured if I picked out several items I could probably barter the dealer down. I wished I had my book of values for collectibles, especially since I had no idea of the real value of the Wizard of Oz game. I thought my book of record values was out in the car; but I didn't want to go out and fetch it.

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