Dream of: 18 August 1998 "Loaves Of Bread"

Early in the morning I heard someone at the front door of my Summerdale Drive House. I was already fully dressed, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a cap turned around backwards. When I reached the door, I hesitated to open it because I didn't know who would be coming to the House at this time in the morning. But I decided to go ahead and see who it was, and I opened the door.

Standing before me were two boys (each about 10 years old) stationed next to a large basket filled with big loaves of bread. They immediately asked me if I would be interested in buying a loaf. Since I normally hated to have solicitors come to the House, I usually wouldn't encourage them by buying anything. However, when I asked the boys how much the bread was and they said it was a dollar a loaf, I told them I would take one. I reached into my pocked, pulled out a dollar bill and handed it to one of the boys. In turn I was given a loaf of bread. The boys then turned to leave and I shut the door.

Immediately I tore off a hunk of the uncut bread and took a bite. It was freshly baked and tasted delicious. I almost wished I had bought two loaves instead of one. I could have encouraged the boys more. It must be hard to make any money just selling one loaf at a time up and down the street. Obviously they weren't the normal worthless solicitors who came to my door selling junk. I hoped the boys would return again.

When I walked into the living room, I found a man and woman sitting on the couch. I wasn't surprised to see them there. I knew that I had invited several people over to the House today, and that these were the first guests to arrive.

My mother was also in the living room, sitting on another couch which was facing the man and woman. I sat down next to my mother and began talking to the man and woman who were probablyin their mid 30s. I barely knew them and I wasn't even sure whether I had ever met them before. The woman was quite attractive. She was tall and slender, wearing a long rust-colored dress. Her red-tinted hair seemed long, but was pulled up and tastefully tied so it wasn't hanging down.

As our conversation meandered, my mother mentioned that I often wrote my dreams and she pointed out that I had a paper in my hand which contained that morning's dream. The woman seemed immediately interested and she asked me to read the dream to them. I protested that the dream was long and that it didn't make any sense. However, seeing that the woman seemed so interested, I began reading a paragraph from the middle of the dream.

Although the woman was interested, the man obviously thought the whole thing was ridiculous. He wasn't malicious about it, but as I read, he made a few comments which indicated he found dreams to be rather silly. He also seemed concentrated on the sexual aspect of the dream. He even jokingly suggested that since his wife was so interested in my dream, perhaps she and I could get together and have an affair.

Although the man was joking, I was taking the idea very seriously. As I read the short portion of the dream and perceived the wife's acute interest, I felt more and more attracted to her. She made some comments which indicated she grasped the dream quite well. The man made fun of her, pointing out that all she did was work in a bread factory, making bread all day long. It seemed hard to believe that such an obviously intelligent woman worked in a bread factory. Obviously there was more to the story.

As I read the dream, I commented that this dream, like many of my dreams, was incomprehensible. This dream in particular was difficult because I had dreamed about several long non-sensical words. But as I read each word, the woman wrote it down, and seemed to know exactly what the words meant. The man continued to make fun. One sentence in the dream began with the word "punt" and the man asked me if I had said "cunt," trying to be funny, referring to the female sex organ. The woman however pointed out that earlier in the dream I had made a reference to football, and that the word "punt" fit in well with that theme.

When I read another long convoluted word, the woman expressed satisfaction, as if the word made perfect sense and as if the word completed her understanding of the dream. I was amazed, but I felt as if the woman knew what she was talking about. But more than amazement, I was feeling intensely attracted to the woman. She seemed like exactly the kind of woman I would like to be with. She appeared to have a natural ability to interpret dreams that few people had. Maybe even she hadn't been aware of her ability until now. It was regrettable that she was married to this oaf. But I hoped there was still some possibility that she and I could somehow get together.

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