Dream of: 16 August 1998 "Holey Clothes"

I was in my car, driving back from Mexico, where I had been for more than a week. I was thinking about Carolina, and how little we seemed to have in common any more. I had been seriously thinking of splitting up with her. It seemed that little or nothing was holding us together. But suddenly I realized she and I did still have a bond which tied us together. We had been married for almost ten years, and certainly must have something in common to stay together for so long. At least now, it seemed as if the best course of action was to try to work out our problems.


Carolina greeted me when I arrived home; she seemed happy to see me and beamed a smile at me. She looked particularly pretty, especially her dark black hair. She looked as if she were about 20 years old and had an excellent figure. She was dressed in a thin, light gray print dress which fell to her knees. But I noticed something peculiar about the dress. Right in the region of her pubic area, the dress had a few small tears in it. Looking closely, I could barely see her black pubic hairs through the tears in the dress. Obviously she wasn't wearing any panties. I found the sight rather erotic and rather wished that she would dress like this more often.

Seeing the tears in her dress made me think that I also wouldn't mind wearing pants with holes in them. I had recently been thinking of moving to Mexico, and the idea of dressing in raggedy clothes rather appealed to me. I had no need for good clothes and felt more comfortable in poor-looking clothes anyway. It didn't bother me if people thought I was poor. Of course I didn't really want to be poor. Although I didn't care about having nice clothes, I did care about having money. As long as I had plenty of money, easily attainable money such as with a credit card, I would be satisfied. With an ample supply of money at my disposal, I could live just fine in Mexico in old clothes.

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