Dream of: 13 August 1998 "Dying Whales"

I had walked out the front door of the Gallia County Farmhouse and headed down to Symmes Creek in front of the Farmhouse. When I reached the creek, I was surprised to see several small whales lying on the bank. The whales were only about a meter long and seemed as if they might be babies. The skin of the whales was black on top and white on the bottom. I identified the whales as "orcas." I had seen the whales in the creek before, and was always happy to know they were here.

Now, however, the whales were in obvious peril. Three whales were lying on the bank, with their skins drying, while another three whales were lying motionless in the shallow water just off the bank. Obviously, all the whales were going to die if someone didn't immediately intervene.

I walked up to one of the whales, knelt down and put my arms around it. Normally I loved the soft leathery feel of the whale's skin. Today, however, the skin was parched and dry, clearly in need of water. I wasn't even sure the whale was still alive. When it didn't move in response to my touch, I screamed out something to see if I could startle it. Its eyes moved – barely – but enough to let me know it was still alive. The poor thing needed to be put in the water; but I was uncertain the water was safe – the three whales still in the water were likewise having trouble and appeared to be dying. The whole problem had probably been caused by someone pouring toxic liquid into the creek. If the whales continued to swallow the poison, clearly they would die.

I didn't know what to do. I continued, referring to the whales as "orcas" in my mind. I thought about hollering up to my father, who I thought was still in the Farmhouse. Maybe he could come down to the creek and help me do something with the whales. Obviously we needed to act fast, or they were all going to die.

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