Dream of: 10 August 1998 "Busting A Scam"

Along with many other undercover agents, I was taking part in an extensive operation to close down a company which took advantage of old people. The other agents and I arrived at the one-story building where the company was located; we entered. This was the first time I had ever been in the building, which was supposed to be something like a retirement home. People paid a minimum of one hundred thousand dollars to stay here; some people paid millions of dollars. But the whole enterprise was simply a big scam, and the only people staying in the building were people taking part in the scam.

Inside, in one of the many rooms, the other undercover agents and I found a black-haired man who resembled Richhart: he was the man in charge. In another spacious room – apparently the accounting section – we found numerous young men at desks, apparently finishing up their accounts. Hundreds of people probably worked in the building. They were all shocked we were here to close the place down.

This was my first big bust; I had had an isolated task and I hadn't understood how the entire operation fit together, but now the details seemed clearer to me. When the operation was successfully completed, I was elated and impressed by how everything had run so smoothly.

The company we had busted was a part of Norwest Credit Company. After we had completed the operation, I reflected that I had a credit card issued by Norwest. I now wished I had used the credit card more to rip off the company that was ripping off the old people.

After the operation was completed, the people who worked here began leaving and the other agents began celebrating. One agent was a beautiful and extremely sexy woman. Probably in her mid 30s, she had black hair and an excellent figure; she seemed somewhat Hispanic. I walked over to her, put my arms around her, and pulled her close to me. I spoke to her a few minutes and told her I wanted to be with her. I had never been close to her before; but I rubbed against her until I had an erection. She was wickedly alluring. I was unsure she would have sex with me, but clearly she was thinking about it. Even though I knew it would sound crude, I wanted to be straightforward – so I blurted out, "I want to fuck you."

From where we were standing, I could see a stage set up in one of the rooms. A woman (about 40 years old) wearing a long brown coat was standing on the stage. I thought she was from Gallipolis, and finally I identified her as my good Dallas friend Eloise, even though she didn't look like Eloise. She was very pretty, although probably not as pretty as the black-haired woman. I decided I wanted to be with the woman on the stage. When she stepped off the stage, I broke away from the black-haired woman and ran out the door and into the hall where the woman was preparing to leave. I ran up to her and quickly explained that I wanted to be with her.

I asked her to go to a hotel with me; I was thinking the best hotel in the area was one called the Four Seasons, and in my mind I pictured a hotel which I had seen in Copper Canyon, Mexico. I wanted to take her to a nice hotel – not someplace cheap. The woman said the hotel would cost too much and she began walking away. I figured the hotel would cost about a hundred dollars a day; we could stay for two days. As she walked away, I followed her and began explaining that I was living frugally and saving my money; I could afford to splurge a couple days a month like this.

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