Dream of: 07 August 1998 "House On The Hill"

Carolina and I were visiting a house on a piece of land which my father had recently acquired. After walking through the two-story frame house, we stepped outside to view the surroundings. We could see that the house was located on a high hill, but not at the very top. From the house we didn't have a good view of the valley below us, but I saw that if I walked a little further up the hill, I should be able to see better. Leaving Carolina behind, I climbed to the summit of the hill, a knob with a large tree. I was pleased to be able to look out on a magnificent vista of the peaceful valley and tiny houses below. It was a shame we didn't have this view from the house, but at least we could walk up here and enjoy it.

Very few trees were standing on the hill. Someone had bushhoged the brush so it was easy to walk around. I thought it would be necessary to keep the brush cut down if we wanted to be able to enjoy the area. Generally I didn't like to see the brush cut, but in this case I saw that it would be necessary.

One large tree was standing not far from me, and I noticed a black squirrel run up its trunk. Several other squirrels were also scurrying about the tree, all seeming to be having a good time. Suddenly one of the squirrels leapt out of the top of the tree and soared through the air. I wondered if it were a flying squirrel. It continued its flight for 20-30 meters until it finally landed on the top of a small white frame building standing not far from me. I hadn't noticed the building before, but now I realized it also belonged to my father, and I decided to take a look inside.

I walked over to the little building and just as I reached it, Carolina joined me and the two of us stepped inside. It was a tiny affair, hardly qualifying as a house. Yet it seemed to be maintained. It had a small bathroom which was functioning. It also had some stairs which led up to a tiny little room on the second floor. One of the floorboards of the stairs was loose, and when I picked up the board, I saw an empty space under it where things could be stored. I put the board back and descended to the main room. I liked this little house here on top of the hill. I thought I might even end up spending some time here.

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