Dream of: 02 August 1998 "Making Up A Story"

I had driven my car into the mountains, into an area where the road gave out among the trees and I could go no farther. I planned to hike farther and deeper into the wilderness and camp out alone for a week or so. I had already unloaded my camping gear out of the car and had strewn it all around me on the ground. Now I was trying to organize the gear so I could start hiking; but already I was having difficulties; one of the blue sleeping bags I had brought with me was lying on the ground and had become soaked with mud.

As I picked up the bag to examine it, I heard a barking/howling sound emanating from the woods. Could wolves be in the area? Suddenly a small gray dog emerged from the woods and ran barking straight toward me. Other dogs followed, clearly a wild pack, clearly intending to attack me. As I scrambled toward my car, I realized three cars were actually parked up here, all of them belonging to me; I hesitated for a moment, trying to decide which car to choose. Once I decided, before I could reach the door, one of the dogs reached me; I kicked at it to fend it off. It backed away and another dog tried to attack me; I also drove it back. If just one of the dogs grabbed me by the leg, it would stop me long enough for all the dogs to jump on. Then I wouldn't have a chance.

Fortunately I was able to jump into the car before any of the dogs grabbed me. I quickly began rolling up the windows and watched as the dogs began going through my gear scattered all around the ground. If they ate all my food, I wouldn't be able to continue with my camping trip. It seemed to me that I was at least partly making up this story as I went along. If that were true, I would be able to provide that some of the food would be spared, that enough food would be left over for me to continue my trek.

Also, as long as I was making up part of the story, I might also provide myself with a handgun. Then I could jump back out of the car and defend myself. I could even shoot one of the dogs if I wished. But I really didn't want to do that. The dogs were a part of nature out here, and I didn't want to kill them. Only if it were absolutely necessary would I shoot one of the dogs.

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