Dream of: 30 July 1998 "The Assignment"

I was in the Summerdale Drive House where my sister and I were living together. Although I was attending a school (which seemed like a high school) and I was supposed to be in school today, I had decided to take the day off. Suddenly, however, I realized I might have made a mistake. I now recalled that I had an assignment which was due on Wednesday – and today was Wednesday. For the assignment, each student was supposed to create his or her own personal magazine. Each magazine would consist of a compilation of short stories written by the student. The short stories were supposed to be condensed versions of stories which the students had read in other magazines. Thus, we were supposed to read stories in other magazines, write our own short story versions of what we had read, and then put the condensed versions which we had written in our magazines.

I now regretted that I hadn't attended class. The magazine assignment was a major part of the work we were supposed to be doing, and if I didn't receive credit for it, I would undoubtedly fail the course. However, it was too late to do anything now. I hadn't even read any stories in magazines, much less written condensed versions of the stories and compiled them in my own magazine. I had put off the assignment to the last minute and now time had run out. I wondered how some of the students seemed able to complete this kind of assignment on time. They must start working on the assignment very early. I could even envision the students in class today, and among them I noticed Wendy and I thought how Wendy would be sure to have her assignment done on time. I could see the students exchanging their magazines, and I imagined how the teacher would have the students read each other's magazines and look for each other's mistakes.

I thought I might possibly still be able to work on the magazine today and take it in tomorrow, but I doubted I would do that. I would just have to fail the course. Anyway, at the moment, I was more interested in something else: having sex with my sister.

As I had walked past my computer room, I had noticed my sister sitting and talking on the phone. Her dress was pulled up so her white panties were clearly visible. I knew we often had sex together, but she had seemed a bit reluctant lately to continue having sex with me. I was trying to imagine how I might convince her to participate. Maybe I would go into the bathroom next to the computer room and start taking a bath. Then I could invite her to join me. I also thought I might start kissing her. It seemed that we hardly ever kissed, even when we had sex. Perhaps she would enjoy kissing for a change.

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