Dream of: 28 July 1998 "Invisible"

As some men chased some other men in a wooded area, I identified with one man being chased and I began to feel as if I were he. As I scrambled through the woods, someone pointed to a dark area among the trees and said that if I would pass through that area, I would become invisible. Dubious but hopeful, I ran toward the area and as I entered the darkness, I was astonished to see my body disappear.

I immediately realized that in addition to having my body disappear, I had been endowed with certain other powers. Having reached the edge of a high cliff, I believed if I jumped off the cliff, I would be able to land safely at the bottom. Apprehensive, I stood on the edge of the cliff and leapt off, feet first. After a rapid descent I landed completely unscathed.

My pursuers however didn't relent, and soon they caught up with me. However I was still invisible and no one could see me. As they searched around close to me, one of them inadvertently ran into me. But instead of bumping me, he actually passed right through me. The feeling of his body passing through me was exquisite. I experienced a brief moment of utter ecstasy.

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