Dream of: 27 July 1998 "Gravity"

As some other people and I were crossing a large snow-covered field, I took to the air and began flying. Gliding a few feet above the ground, I was in complete control of my flight. I even did a couple flips, turning over in mid-air and returning to an upright position. As I floated along, I thought about how little I knew about flying. But it seemed to me there must be some relation between flying and gravity. It seemed when I flew, my mind must have some effect on gravity. I wondered why scientists had never probed this relation between flying and gravity; certainly it could be measured.

When I concentrated on my surroundings again, I realized I was no longer flying, but swimming. I was now inside a white-walled house which was filled with perfectly clear water. Completely submerged in the water, with complete ease I swam from room to room. Again I thought about flying — how very similar flying was to swimming. I had never realized this before. But now as I continued swimming from room to room, I saw that flying and swimming were very much alike.

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