Dream of: 26 July 1998 "Joining A Church"

I had recently moved back to an area where I had once lived, and where I had belonged to a church. Now I was once again thinking of joining this church – a small one-room affair (similar to Nebo Church in rural Gallia County, Ohio).

My reasons for wanting to re-join the church weren't entirely spiritual; I had the belief that if I came to know the members of the church, I would be able to either sell them something, or at least obtain their support in some project which I was undertaking.

Now I was standing inside the church, which seemed more like the interior of someone's home than a church. While standing in front of several men gathered in the room, I announced, "I would like to come back to the church."

The men seemed interested in what I had to say, and they seemed to want to know more. I decided it would be best to tell them some of my background, and I began by saying, "My father was a preacher."

I explained that my father had even preached at this very church when I had been a young boy. I hoped this explanation would help explain my need for wanting to join this particular church. As I spoke, I thought about the fact that I wasn't actually a Christian. I decided it would be best not to bring up that subject. However, I didn't think I was deceiving anyone by not telling them I wasn't a Christian; I simply thought it would be better not to discuss that topic at the moment.

I also wanted to know more about the membership of the church. Knowing more about the kind of people who attended the church would help me later with my other project. I mentioned that I had understood that many Welsh people had been among the early founders of this church. One man stood up and confirmed what I had said. He also said the church now had over 510 people listed as members. He confirmed that there were different groupings of members, such as Welsh. I had the feeling that he already understood that I was probing about the different kinds of members so I would be able to undertake my project with them; but I had the feeling that he didn't mind.

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