Dream of: 13 July 1998 (2) "Badly Injured Horse"

I was visiting my mother in a house which reminded me of a couple homes in which I had lived during my childhood, but which also resembled the House in Patriot. She and I were looking through a box of old photographs, one picture after the other. Suddenly I came across a picture of my brother Chris. I was moved when I saw the picture of Chris. I hadn't seen him in such a long time.

Suddenly I realized that Chris was also in the house, that he was in one of the upstairs rooms, and that I could see him if I would go upstairs. I felt so happy at the prospect of seeing Chris again, and I hurried up the stairs. When I reached the upstairs bedroom, I found Chris lying on the bed. I lay down next to him, glad to be so near him, and I began talking with him.

But he was mostly intent on telling me about a letter. I didn't know the significance of the letter, but it seemed terribly important to him. He began reciting the letter as if he knew it by heart, and as he spoke, it almost seemed as if I could see the written letter. Chris's speech seemed somewhat awkward. I was unsure whether the letter had been poorly written, or whether Chris simply had a difficult time speaking. But I tried to concentrate on his words, thinking that I might even try to write down word for word what he was telling me.

But there was too much to remember. All I could glean was the general idea of the letter. It was about a man whose horse had either died or been badly injured. For whatever reason, it was clear that Chris wanted me to pay close attention to this message.

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