Dream of: 21 June 1998 "Song Emanating From Church"

I was visiting my father in his Gay Street House. I was surprised to discover that my father had taken in a number of black boys (there must have been a dozen or more) who were living in the House with him. The boys were probably all 10-12 years old. Immediately I saw a problem with this arrangement: someone might possibly think that my father had some homosexual tendencies, and that he had brought the black boys into his house to exploit them. Of course I knew my father wasn't homosexual, but I was concerned about what others might think.

My father was lying on his back on a bed, and he was resting the back of his head in the lap of thin black-haired man sitting in the bed. The man was wearing a pair of white undershorts. From the size of the bulge in his shorts, it appeared the man might have a partial erection. This certainly didn't look good. I didn't like the looks of this black-haired fellow. Somebody needed to talk to my father about what people might think about this whole set-up.

Despite my father's living arrangement, I felt good about being in Portsmouth again. I had been going through a particularly difficult period in Texas, and being in Portsmouth was a relief. I had thought many of my problems might simply be a result of my being in Texas, and now it appeared I had been correct. Simply leaving Texas for a while made me feel much better.

I was also feeling better about myself. I had lost quite a bit of weight and physically was in the best shape in years. I might even like to meet some women. I hadn't felt this way in quite a while, but now once again I felt optimistic enough to think women would be interested in me.

I walked over to the door which led to the outside and opened it. Directly outside the door was a quaint little plaza, European in style, where people were milling about. About a meter from me, abutting my father's House, was a church, a huge cathedral constructed from ponderous gray stones. Most people in the plaza seemed to be heading toward the cathedral. I could hear people inside the cathedral singing hymns, and the music was so pleasing, I also began humming along. I quickly became absorbed in the song, and was overcome by a sense of ecstasy. I knew the hymn exactly and my humming accurately paced the singing emanating from the church. I had forgotten what this feeling was like.

When the singing stopped, I noticed several attractive women among the people in the plaza. I thought one might even walk up to me and start talking. But instead, a woman who probably weighed 600-700 kilos stepped up to me. She was dressed in a creamy pink dress which fell below her knees. She was probably about 40 years old and had short brown hair. She pressed up close against me. Although she was extremely obese, there was something erotic about her being so near, and I felt myself starting to have an erection. I put my arms around her and pulled even closer to her. My head only came up to her huge breasts. As I stared at her ample chest, I noticed she was wearing a gold pin on her breast. The pin had writing on it. I pulled my hand from behind her and took the pin off so I could see it better.

It took me a moment to understand what the writing said. Finally I realized the word written on the pin was "Kleinigkeitteil." I immediately recognized this as a German word, but it took further thinking to figure out what it meant. I knew German words were often composed of several words stuck together. This was obviously an example of that. The word "klein" meant "small," and the word "Kleinigkeit" would mean "a small thing." The word "Teil" mean "part." So I deduced that the whole word put together meant "part of a small thing."

I thought the word had a further special meaning. I thought the "small thing" was society in general. Thus what the woman was saying was that she was a small part of society. This all suddenly seemed perfectly clear to me.

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