Dream of: 14 June 1998 "Flooding"

I was in Portsmouth on the day before Christmas. The weather was nice outside and not cold. I was sitting in the living room of the Grandview Avenue House. A man and his wife also were sitting in the room. They had done something nice in the past either for me or for someone in my family. They were both around 30 years old. We sat and talked awhile, until they were ready to leave. Finally I asked, "What's on the agenda for tonight."

I didn't have much to do, and I thought we might all get together. At first I was thinking I was in law school, but then I realized that actually now I was a lawyer. Being a lawyer, I should at least be socially acceptable.

They said they didn't have any plans for the evening. But apparently they knew a woman or two with whom they might be able to fix me up for the evening. I told them I also had some old friends in Portsmouth who might want to go out with us. I suggested we might even go out and build a campfire and all sit around it. After I told them that we would get together later in the evening, they stood and walked outside.

Only when they were outside did I realize that the man was in a wheelchair, and that the woman was having to help him into the car. He had to put his foot in her hand while she lifted him up. It looked as if a great deal of strength was required to lift the man. She seemed to be a very courageous woman to be taking care of him that way.


Still looking out the same window of the Grandview Avenue House, I noticed that a car had run into a tree or a building. Apparently a fire hydrant had also been struck, for water was pouring out and flooding the street. A woman had stepped out of the car, angrily telling other people to move on when they would stop their cars. The woman began searching for something in the water, perhaps her keys. Two children with the woman had also gotten into the water and were playing in it, actually swimming in it, having a good time. Apparently the water wasn't cold.


I was in an area around Ninth Street in Portsmouth at a small store where I used to stop after school for a coke. I was looking for a fellow about 30 years old who had once done something helpful for me or someone in my family. He had once owned a used comic book store in this very building. I had stopped by to see the fellow, but it looked as if the store was closed. Even though the store was closed, I managed to go inside. It seemed that there was something amiss about which I wanted to inform the fellow.


I had found the fellow for whom I was searching. Both of us got into a car which someone else was driving. I got into the back seat while the fellow with me got into the passenger side of the front seat. I noticed that the fellow was smoking a cigarette. That seemed strange to me, because the good deed he had done for me or my family had had something to do with helping someone to stop smoking cigarettes.

As we drove around for awhile, it occurred to me that this fellow might be a homosexual. We finally stopped and the fellow got out of the car. He walked into a subterranean room which I could see from where I was sitting. Even though the room was flooded with water, the fellow intended to stay there for 30 days to see if he could survive there. It seemed more or less like a suicide, but I thought there was some chance that he might be able to survive for 30 days in the room. Although I thought the idea was rather stupid, I was merely an observer, and I didn't try to stop the fellow from his plan. Finally I drove away and left the fellow there.

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