Dream of: 13 June 1998 "Valley Of The Dinosaurs"

My father had sold the Gay Street House to Albert and Jo Alice (parents of my friend Jon). Afterwards, my father had told me that if he ever bought the House back from Albert and Jo Alice, he planned to give it to me.

After Albert and Jo Alice had moved into the House, I had also moved in, and I had now been living there for a while. I was now talking with Albert and Jo Alice (who very much resembled my step-grandfather Clarence). I told them how much I liked the House, and how I liked living here.

Although carpet was on the floor of the room where we were sitting, I could still see part of the hard wood floor under the carpeting, and some very pretty writing seemed to be carved into part of the wood floor. The name "Hamilton" had been carved in large letters into the floor. There was also a smaller name, which was apparently the name of the person who had done the carving. The carved letters seemed to be a greeting to the Hamiltons to commemorate some kind of event, such as an anniversary. Albert, Jo Alice, and I wondered when the Hamiltons might have lived in the House, but nobody was sure.

I finally told Albert and Jo Alice that my father had told me I could have the House if he ever owned it again. I asked them how much they had paid for the House when they had bought it from my father. At first Albert and Jo Alice didn't seem to want to tell me how much they had paid for the House. But finally Albert told me they had paid two thousand dollars short of a million dollars.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized my father wasn't actually going to give me the House, but that he was going to sell me the house. But the price that Albert had mentioned seemed like an incredible amount of money to me, far more than I would be able to pay.

It turned out that someone else was actually going to buy the House from Albert and Jo Alice, perhaps a real estate developer. Albert mentioned the names of the buyers, two brothers. I knew that the opposite corner had already been developed, that a Kroger store had been built there.

Albert mentioned that he hadn't completely paid off the house yet, and that he was still paying my father about four thousand dollars a month. That made me realize that the price which Albert had said he had paid for the house must include interest. Nevertheless, even if the price included the interest, it was still incredibly high

It crossed my mind that my father needed the four thousand dollars every month, that he used the money to pay many of his bills.

I mentioned that if I owned the House, I would probably live there. I told them I would probably install my law office in the downstairs corner office. That should work out well for me.


I was standing outside the House, which now seemed to be located on the lot where the House in Patriot normally stood. My father and I had walked across the street and were standing among some trees, looking at the House. My grandfather Liston was also with us. Off through the trees I noticed some movement and I thought it was a couple deer. I pointed them out to my father. We watched a deer come out of the bushes. But when it came out, it looked like a large white bull. But when I looked at it more closely, I realized it was a large lion. We followed it for a ways up to a bluff, from where we could look down on it. We were looking down into a valley where we could also see a group of dinosaurs. The lion was walking toward a brontosaurus. I thought perhaps the lion was going to attack the brontosaurus. But I was also concerned that the lion might try to attack us. We all turned and quickly headed back toward the House, which wasn't far away.

As we began walking along a road with a fenced-in field next to it, my father told me that the previous day Clarence had strayed into the field. The man who owned the field, and who lived in a house just down the road, had run out into the field and warned Clarence to get off his property. I couldn't understand why anyone would have to be so unneighborly.

My father and Liston walked on into the House. But before I entered, I suddenly saw a large cow-like animal flying through the air. It smashed down and landed right on the other side of the House. I couldn't tell whether the animal was a lion or a cow. But I figured out that the animal had tried to attack the brontosaurus in the valley, and the dinosaur had thrown the animal into the air over the House.

It suddenly occurred to me that the dinosaurs might wander out of the valley onto the land of the unfriendly neighbor and tramp down the neighbor's field. If such an incident occurred, I was sure the neighbor would put together a search party to hunt down the dinosaurs and kill them. I thought that would be a terrible shame. But I could foresee that that was exactly what would probably happen.

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