Dream of: 02 June 1998 "Ball Of Worms"

I was working on a small piece of ground, about a meter wide and three meters long. The surface was uneven and covered with weeds and grass. I intended to pull up all the plants and smooth down the surface. As I set about my work, I dug up a large worm and set it over to the side. When I looked back at the worm after a while, I began to worry about it because it looked as if it might be drying up and dying. I scooped out some dirt and put the worm under it. I did not want to kill the worm, and besides, I thought that worms were good for the soil.

Soon I began running into other worms and I also tried to accommodate them by re-burying them in the soil. I recalled I had recently seen a movie where something similar to this had been occurring. Some Buddhists had been digging up some land and had been concerned about some worms they had encountered because they thought the worms contained reincarnated souls. Although I did not feel that way about the worms, I still did not want to hurt them.

Finally I came across a big ball of many worms clustered together. I knew my wife Carolina was nearby and I thought she might like to see this. I stuck my hands into the slimy ball and tried to pick it up, but I was afraid I might injure the worms if I started pulling and tugging on them. Finally I simply scooped out a hole next to the worms and pushed them over into it. I was unsure whether Carolina had seen the worms, but I had the feeling that she was watching me.

When I had finished my work, I stood up and leveled off the black dirt with my foot. Now I was uncertain what I would do with this little patch. Maybe I would just sprinkle grass seed over it and grow grass.

The little plot of earth seemed to be right next to the room in which I was living. In fact, the plot of earth even seemed to be inside the room. As I turned around from the plot, I was already standing in the room. I had not been staying long in this room which was sparsely furnished and located in the basement of a house. The main piece of furniture was a bed in the middle of the room, and a small television sitting on a chest of drawers. My only real concern at the moment was how to arrange my bed, whether I should position it with the head shoved against the wall, or whether I should put it in the middle of the room so I could walk all the way around it. I would leave the television where it was, sitting on the bureau at the end of the bed so I could lie in bed and watch it, but I did not want the bed pushed so close to the chest of drawers that it would be touching it.

All the while, Carolina was in the background, watching me. She seemed to be trying to get my attention for something and finally I looked over at her. She only looked as if she were 16-17 years old. At first I thought she was completely clothed, wearing something white, but then I realized she was completely naked from the waist down. She was sitting on the floor. Suddenly she told me that if I were going to do anything, I should hurry up and do it. At first I did not know what she was talking about, but suddenly I knew she was referring to having sex with her. I reached over between her legs and just lightly touched her black pubic area.

We were sitting right next to an open door of an adjacent room. On the other side of the next room were the stairs which led up to the main floor. Suddenly I heard someone coming down the stairs and I mumbled, "Somebody's coming," and I told Carolina that she needed to move out of the doorway. Whoever was coming down the stairs hollered out for Carolina, but used another name for her, calling, "Hey, Linda."

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