Dream of: 29 May 1998 (2) "Disney World"

A group of strangers and I were waiting to enter Disney World. We were already standing in a spacious building with gray walls and a dull brown floor, little more than a warehouse. Ahead of us were the white railings enclosing the corridor through which we would pass when the line was finally opened. Suddenly a man announced that we could proceed, and since I was the first one in line, I began walking along the area designated for the line.

I hadn't gone far when I was asked to pick up a small white plastic bag which contained some items being passed out to the visitors. I wasn't particularly interested in receiving the bag, especially since all the bags looked as if they had already been opened and replaced. I even mentioned to the man who had told us to pick up the bags that the bags weren't in very good condition. He agreed, but indicated that these bags were the only ones available right now. So in order to be agreeable, I went ahead and picked one up.

As I led the line on past a refreshment stand, I noticed how expensive everything was. Even a small container of Coke was over $2.00. Of course I had anticipated that the food would be outrageously expensive here. Later, when I became hungry, I would have no choice but to pay.

Finally, I reached a counter where a man was waiting for us. He hurriedly explained that if we looked inside the plastic bags we had picked up, we would find an evaluation book. He would like for us to take out the book and complete an evaluation of what we thought about Disney World so far. I thought to myself that lately I had been making more of an effort to get along with people, that I wanted to avoid irritating people or causing conflict whenever possible. However, it seemed to me that this fellow was simply asking too much. I didn't want to stop right now, before I had even entered, and fill out a lengthy evaluation of this place. I simply wasn't going to do it. I laid the plastic bag on the counter and announced that I wasn't filling out the evaluation.

The man didn't seem upset or concerned. Instead he simply told me that I could proceed. He pointed to my car, my brown Lincoln Continental, which was sitting parked in the building just a few steps away, and gave me directions how to pull out of the building. Only now did I realize that I still had to drive some distance before I would actually enter Disney World.

I walked over to my car, got in and started it up. Following the man's directions, I pulled out of the building and followed a twisted ramp onto the freeway. Hardly any traffic was on the highway, and I was able to quickly get on and continued driving.

I soon began musing about the Disney Company. I knew Bill Gates and his company, Microsoft, had recently purchased Disney, causing the value of the stock to go up. I wished I had owned some of the stock when it had gone up. But of course, it was always difficult to predict when a stock would rise.

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