Dream of: 29 May 1998 "Romping Elephants"

I was sitting in a long white recreation vehicle owned by my father. The vehicle was parked on a narrow gravel road which traversed a large farm which my father likewise owned. All my attention was focused on the field beside the road, where dozens of elephants were romping and running. There must have been 100 of the magnificent animals. Especially prominent was one superb creature, whose deep gray color was almost black. The elephant flung its head into the air, flapping its huge ears and displaying its enormous tusks. I was impressed to see my father had taken to raising these splendid animals.

Suddenly I noticed my brother Chris walking in the field where the elephants were. Although Chris didn't appear to be crippled with muscular dystrophy, he did seem to be having some difficulty walking. I could see he was at least somewhat hampered by the mud through which he was sloshing in the field. He also appeared to be all bundled up in heavy winter clothes. When he reached the side of the road, I stepped out of the RV, walked over to him and picked him up in my arms. He seemed as if he might be around 10 years old. I turned and carried him back to the RV.

Once we were inside, I set him down on his feet in front of me. When we were looking right at each other, I suddenly felt like singing. A tune popped into my head and I sang out, "I like me. I like me. I like me." Although I realized the words were a bit peculiar, the song was actually quite beautiful. Chris and I both enjoyed the song.

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