Dream of: 25 May 1998 "Unclear Message"

I had been living for a short while in a gigantic Latin American city. I had taken some kind of uninteresting job at which I had already worked for a few days. On this particular day, I had arisen early in the morning, dressed in jacket and tie, and set out for work in the old car which I owned. As I drove through the crowded city streets, I reflected that I hadn't even visited the downtown area of the town in all the time I had been here. I was somewhat reluctant to drive downtown, and wondered if I might be able to take a bus to downtown from where I was living. It would probably be a good idea to learn how the bus system worked anyway.

As I was driving along, I had an overwhelming need to urinate. Since there was nowhere to stop, I picked up a porcelain cup lying on the floorboard, and relieved myself in it, filling the cup half way up. When I was finished, I set the cup back on the floorboard near my feet. But I only traveled a short ways further before realizing that I had clumsily knocked the cup over and spilled the contents all over the floor of the car. I was thoroughly dismayed with myself. The stench of the urine would undoubtedly stink up the car for several days. But I saw nothing that I could do about it now.

Just as I was approaching my place of employment, I saw a large round white clock on the street. The time on the clock was five minutes until six. I could hardly believe it. I didn't need to be to work until eight. I had left the house without even first checking what time it was. Now I was two hours early. I was uncertain what to do. I could turn around and drive back home, but that seemed pointless. I decided to just get out of the car and wait.

The little office where I was employed sat among a string of similar offices and businesses crowded along a busy street. However, at the end of the street was a vacant lot where a few benches had been set up to give the appearance of an impoverished park. I decided to wait there for a while.

I was surprised to see so many people already on the streets this early in the morning. Most people seemed to be young college-aged students, and all seemed to be waiting for one of the businesses facing the park to open. I looked at the sign on the front of the business and saw that it was some kind of business school, the kind so common in Latin America, catering to young people who want to go into business but who are not attending a regular college. I thought I should take note of the school, because it looked as if it gave English classes, and at some point I might want to check about a teaching position there.

As I stood in the park, next to what appeared to be a disused fountain, four large white longhaired dogs began cautiously prowling around me. At first the dogs kept their distance, but then began moving more aggressively toward me. Abruptly I realized if the dogs would decide to attack me, I would be in a vulnerable situation. I bent over and picked up a couple of the white stones which littered the ground. As soon as I did so, the dogs began backing away. Obviously they were conditioned to flee from anyone picking up rocks. But soon once again they were circling in closer to me, until finally I had to throw the rocks at them. I also picked up a clod of dirt and threw it at one dog. The clod broke on the dog's back and splattered apart. Finally the pack retreated to the far side of the lot, where the dogs lowered and waited for their chance.

Just then a shopkeeper burst out of his store and began telling people that they had to get out of the park. Ten or fifteen students who had been sitting on the little park benches stood up and sullenly walked over to the sidewalk. It appeared that the shopkeeper had the authority to dislodge them from the park. He didn't look directly at me, and I couldn't tell whether he wanted me to move. But since I didn't want any problems, I decided to move out of the park anyway.

I walked over to the school which all the students were waiting to open. I was still interested in the possibility of obtaining a job here. On the door were posted some papers, one of which was a cutout newspaper article which had something to do with the school. The article contained a couple of sentences which apparently had been written by the owner of the school. The sentences were written in English, but had several mistakes in them. As I read them, I realized I had no idea what the sentences meant. They said something about a person playing a game of poker. When his opponent had claimed to have a full house, the person had accepted the fact without even looking at all his opponent's cards, and had lost the game. It really didn't make any sense to me why such an unclear message would have been written in a newspaper.

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