Dream of: 20 May 1998 "On The Way To The Mountain"

Several other people were riding with me in a car which I was driving. Our destination was a mountain which I had visited once before. I could still envision the steep rocky face of the mountain and the azure sky rising above it. We would probably camp on the side of the mountain and stay there for a while.

Unfortunately the car I was driving was in disrepair and I was concerned that it wouldn't last all the way to the mountain. I was thinking of buying a new car on the way, and had bright blue car in mind. Finally the car gave out and we were stranded.


The five of us, including myself, had entered a building which seemed somewhat like a college dormitory, somewhat like a religious institution. We were four men and one woman. One of the men sat down in a cafeteria-like area, while the other four of us proceeded to a room at the end of a hallway. When we walked into the room, we saw a woman sitting on a bed on one side of the room. She was a fleshy, rather dumpy, elderly woman, probably in her 60s. I knew immediately that she was the spiritual leader of this institution. She was dressed in a light blue robe and was wearing a blue hat which stuck up about a third of a meter on her head, something like a caricaturistic magician's hat, except that this hat didn't come to a pointed end, but to a flat cut-off end. I was immediately skeptical of this woman and whatever she stood for.

The woman seemed to sense my frame of mind, and she suggested that I might want to wait outside while she talked with my three companions. Glad to oblige, I turned and walked back out to the cafeteria, where I sat down with my other companion who was waiting there. He and I immediately spoke about the turn of events. I mentioned to him that I was especially concerned about John, one of the fellows still in the room with the woman. I had become aware that John had some kind of injury to his head. I hoped the injury wasn't so severe that we would have to leave him behind, but I said that if it became necessary, we would simply have to abandon him.

As I talked, I slowly became aware that an extremely attractive red-haired woman (about 20 years old) was sitting at my table, next to me on my left. She was wearing a dark-colored dress with colorful patterns covering it. Clearly she was a student at this institution. When I noticed she was staring straight at me, I turned to her and asked, "What?"

As she began talking, I was having difficulty understanding her. Finally I realized I was wearing a fuzzy white cap on my head. The cap had flaps which covered both my ears. I reached up and pulled the cap off. I wondered what the woman thought of me now that she could see me without the rather silly cap. She continued talking and now I understood her. She made it clear that she was chagrined by what I had been saying. She found it inexcusable that I would be considering leaving one of my party behind. To illustrate her point, she suggested that if she were one of my party, and some illness befell her so that she had to have a tube coming out of her stomach and be incapacitated for six months, she thought it would be highly improper for me to abandon her.

I looked her over. She was indeed quite beautiful. For a moment I even thought I could see part of her firm breast under the cut-off sleeve of the dress. But then I realized the sleeve wasn't cut off at all, and that I was mistaking part of the pattern of the dress for her breast. I looked at her face and answered her. Rather callously, I explained that there was no way that I would be able to wait here in this place for six months while she recovered from an illness, while she waited for the tube to be removed from her stomach. I wouldn't want to leave her behind; but I felt compelled to continue my journey.

Just then two of my other companions walked out of the room where the old woman was and into the cafeteria. I quickly stood up and walked over to them. Seeing that John wasn't with them, I blurted out, "I hope we didn't lose John."

I was beginning to have a bad premonition about John. I was afraid that he might have been arrested. It seemed as if my two companions who had been in the room with John and the old woman, might be underage. They were a boy and a girl, and looked as if they might only be sixteen or seventeen years old. I thought there was a chance that I also might be arrested because the juveniles were with us. It was clear that we needed to get out of here as quickly as possible.

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