Dream of: 19 May 1998 "Song In The Heart Of A Broker"

Just as I was walking into a high-rise office building, I thought I spotted Louise inside. I walked past the guard, sitting in a circular enclosure crammed with monitors and electric panels, and I headed toward a carpeted stairways at the rear of the lobby. As I headed up the stairs, I noticed some items lying on the bottom-most step, and when I looked on up the stairs, I spotted Louise walking down the stairs toward me. I immediately realized the items lying on the steps were Louise's, and I bent over to pick them up for her.

Dressed in a creamy-pink suit, Louise smiled at me, obviously happy to see me. I was glad. I hadn't spoken to her in ages, and I had always regretted that she had turned so cold toward me after our divorce. Maybe she was finally warming up. When she reached me, she said something about "George," the guard in the circular enclosure. I looked back at the guard and realized he was Staggs. Staggs and I used to go out drinking alcohol together in what I now regarded as a more desultory period of my past. I certainly had no desire to see him again. But I was amazed to note how characters from my past, like Staggs, kept popping up in my present life in the most unexpected times and places. Clearly I needed to be careful of the relationships I formed with people, because they would probably follow me through my life.

As I held Louise's things in my hand, I realized that she and I were going to the same place, a meeting which was just about to begin. When I asked her if I could carry her things into the meeting for her, she indicated she would appreciate my doing so. But she said that she had to do something else first, and that she would see me in the meeting room after she was finished.

After we parted, I looked at the items I was holding. One folder appeared to contain business checks which Louise used in her law practice. I thought about glancing inside to see how her business was faring. I knew Louise had been successful practicing law – I just wondered how successful.

Before I walked into the meeting room, I passed a mirror and I stopped to look at myself. I was surprised at how long my hair was. It hung well over my ears and almost to my shoulders. I looked at myself from several angles, trying to decide whether I liked having such long hair. I certainly didn't look like a lawyer anymore. I was unsure what I looked like.

When I finally walked into the meeting room and took a seat, 25-30 neatly dressed people were sitting at long tables. I was surprised to see Louise already there, seated among the others at a table. The meeting appeared to already be in progress. I quickly realized the topic was the stock market -- techniques for buying and selling stock. I became particularly interested in a discussion about how sound the economy was, and how the values of stock were most likely to go up. As the discussion proceeded, someone said something about a song in the heart of a broker. The idea seemed a bit contradictory to me, but I could see how it would be possible that even a stock broker could have a poetic bent.

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