Dream of: 17 May 1998 "The Vote"

A classroom of students, including myself, was about to cast a vote on matter which had been presented to us. A certain man had been honing his flying skills. He had been learning to sit in a meditative position with his legs crossed and then rise straight up into the air. Now the man was learning to control his flying well enough so he could go to different places.

The issue before the students was whether the man should continue to practice flying. I myself was uncertain which way I would vote. I saw little practical benefit from flying. It didn't seem as if the man were actually accomplishing anything when he flew. But when I saw the two buttons in front of me, one for "no" and one for "yes," I unambiguously and emphatically pressed the "yes" button. I didn't know exactly why, but it was perfectly clear to me that the man should continue learning to fly. I felt quite a sense of relief once I had chosen the "yes" button.

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