Dream of: 15 May 1998 (2) "New Land"

My father was slowly driving me over one of the back roads of the Gallia County Farm. As we passed by the tall trees which lined both sides of the narrow gravel road, I noticed something blue tucked back in the forest. When we were closer to the blue object, I saw it was a spacious tent which someone had set up back there in that isolated area. Since no one was stirring around the tent, we simply continued past the tent without stopping.

Although we were still on the Farm, and although I thought I knew every detail about the Farm, the area in which we were driving seemed unfamiliar. What had previously been a dirt back road was now paved. The encroaching brush and bushes along the sides had been neatly trimmed back. A field on our right which I recalled being overgrown with weeds had been plowed.

When we reached an old shed on the left side of the road, I recalled the shed as being dilapidated and derelict; but now it was standing erect with fresh side boards. I studied the wood siding – how would I describe its color to someone? I might use the word "blonde," but I thought "blonde" was basically a synonym for "yellow," and the wood wasn't really yellow; it was more of a cream-colored brown.

After my father had stopped the car and we had both stepped out, he explained that a man who lived in a house across the street had worked on the shed. My father had allowed the man to cut down a large tree back in the woods to use on the siding. Across the street stood the large house about which my father was speaking. This was all quite a surprise to me, because I had been unaware any houses were back there in the woods. But far more surprising was a huge brick high school which also sat across the street. I had had no idea a school was back there. I wondered if I could I walk through the school and see what it was like inside. course I would be so much older than the students, I would probably not have much to say to them. Nevertheless, the idea of fresh minds right there on the Farm was tantalizing.

My father continued talking, telling me about his recent land acquisitions near the Farm. I was already aware he had bought a neighboring farm on one side of his Farm, but I was now surprised to hear that he had bought yet another farm on the other side. Together the two new farms totaled 500 acres. If I added those to the 384 acres of our Farm, my father now owed almost 900 acres of land.

That was an amazing amount of property. Obviously my father couldn't handle so much land himself, and just as obviously he wanted me to move back there and help him with it. It looked as if it were time to finally comply. I was uncertain exactly what we could do with all the land, but surely we could find some way to productively manage it. My biggest concern was my wife Carolina. I was uncertain she would want to move out there into the wilderness; but I thought I might be able to convince her.

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