Dream of: 15 May 1998 "Getting Wet"

I was rushing through the halls of a high school, with only one minute left before class began. Since I was on the fourth floor, and needed to descend all the way to the basement, I dashed to the stairwell at the end of the hall and began racing down the stairs. I virtually flew down the steps, holding with one hand onto a long vertical smooth metal pole which ran all the way down the steps. I didn't want to be late. I had already been late to other classes, and this was my chance to redeem myself.

When I reached the basement, I had to cross a gym area, through the showers and bath section. Finally I came out in front of a blue pool. Since I was in such a hurry, I had the notion if I ran fast enough, I could cut across one corner of the pool by taking two or three steps right across the top of the water without falling in. So with little thought, I started running across the top of the water.

Unfortunately, my plan only half worked; I had enough speed not to sink completely into the water, but I did sink down to both knees before I reached the other side. The new brown shoes which I had recently bought were soaked, as well as my blue jeans, all the way up to the knees. At least the things I had in my hands hadn't been damaged. That was fortunate because I was carrying a musical instrument in a light brown case. As I held the case in my hand, I was puzzled I would even have it; I wasn't even sure what was inside. At first I thought it must be a clarinet, but then realized it was a flute. It seemed strange to be carrying the flute, it had been so long since I had played it.

I didn't have time to dally. Afraid the bell would ring at any moment, I rushed on toward the classroom. By the time I reached the door to the room, I was uncertain whether the bell had already rung.

Carolina arrived at the door at the same time I did. She was also taking the class. She was in the same boat as I; she had previously been late to classes. I thought if we were already late, maybe it would be better to simply skip the class today. I was sure we could go off together and find something better to do than attending class. But if we weren't already late, I thought we should go on in.

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