Dream of: 10 May 1998 "ExposÚ"

I had made some new college-aged friends, two females and a male. We were all attending the same university, although we weren't taking the same classes. As I walked along with them through the college campus, I thought about how unusual it was for me to suddenly have a new group of friends. Usually I kept the same friends for a long time, and if I did change friends it was a slow gradual process, easing out one friend and taking on another one. But this time I had still kept all my old friends, and at the same time had taken on this new group. I was uncertain how it would all turn out, but I thought it was interesting.

We were headed toward a house where one of them was living. Along the way, the fellow had been asking me some questions about an assignment which he had been given in one of his classes. However, I was having difficulty understanding one of the words which he was pronouncing. It almost seemed as if English were his second language, and that he couldn't properly pronounce all the words. When we reached the house, I asked him to write the word down so I could see it. He pulled out a paper and wrote the word "reposure." When I saw the word, I realized he was trying to write "exposure." But I thought the word he was searching for was "exposÚ," so I wrote the word "exposÚ" on the paper, taking careful pains to place the accent mark over the final "e."

It was now clear to me that his teacher had asked him to write an exposÚ. But he didn't know what an exposÚ was, or how to write one. I tried to give him an example. I told him that he could take a company like McDonald's and write and exposÚ about their food. He could concentrate on something like their french fries, and talk about how much cholesterol they contained. He would have to go to the library and do some research. But if he worked at it, he could write an exposÚ on almost any topic he wanted. I explained that he could also write exposÚs on people.

The house we were in was a two-story frame affair which seemed to house a number of students. The two women had already disappeared and the fellow was now in a hurry to get to a class. He began hurrying around, getting ready to leave. I suddenly realized I also had a class which I needed to attend. I looked at the clock and saw that it was twenty till one, and I knew that my class began at one.

However, I was uncertain that I would go. The class at one was a mathematics class, and I had already missed so many classes, I didn't think I would pass anyway. In fact, I was uncertain that I would pass any of the three classes which I was taking. I had shown little interest in any of them during this term. I knew that I needed the credit for all three classes if I were going to obtain my law degree. But it was so bothersome taking classes again, especially since I had already practiced as a lawyer for a long time without having a degree. I didn't fully understand how that had occurred, that I had been able to practice law without a degree. I only knew now I wouldn't be able to continue practicing law unless I obtained the degree. But my interest in the classes had flagged to such an extent, I didn't know if I could go on. If I were serious about passing the classes, I would probably have to start all over the next term and take them again.

Just as the fellow was ready to leave, I reached into my pocket and pulled out three small round pills. They were the gel type, and black as coal. I knew they were some kind of speed and I was thinking about taking them. If I took them and went to the class, I was certain to become interested in the subject. My mind would be racing. But at the same time, the idea of taking the pills was distasteful. I hadn't taken any drugs in years. To do so now would be a giant leap backwards. The thought of falling into a quagmire of drugs was even worse than the thought of facing the current problems which beset me. I stuck the pills back in my pocket.

Without saying anything, my new friend had hurried out the door and started running toward the campus. I immediately followed, running along behind him. When we reached a wooded park-like area on the campus, I continued after him. He was running fairly fast, but I had no trouble staying up. A couple times I even speeded up closer to him, realizing that I could overtake him at any time if I wanted. But I felt satisfied for the moment, to simply run along behind.

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