Dream of: 09 May 1998 (2) "Creditors"

Carolina and I were walking in a German-speaking country. Although we were only visiting for one day, I was trying to obtain a couple books so I would have something to read that evening. I was able to find one of the books in a bookstore, but to locate the second book, I had to go to a university library. Carolina accompanied me as we walked through the halls of the university building where the library was located. Finally at the end of the hall, we found the library and walked in.

Quite a few college-aged students were seated around tables, talking animatedly. I directed myself to the bookshelves until I found the book for which I was searching. I then sat down at a table and began filling out a form for the book. Only after I had started writing did I suddenly realize I wasn't going to be able to take the book — I didn't have a library card for this library. I told Carolina that it was different obtaining books from a store than from a library, and without a card, I wouldn't be able to check out anything. I said it didn't matter, I already had one book, and that would be enough to last me tonight. Both of us stood up to leave.

I asked Carolina whether she had noticed that all the students had been speaking English, even though their native language was German. I found it extraordinary that the students were so concentrated in learning English. However I did hear a couple of them speaking German.

In my hand I was carrying a cane which had a pointed end. Just as I was about to walk out of the room, I hit the floor with the bottom of my cane, and thought I heard something break. I quickly stopped and examined the floor, which seemed to be made of light blue tile or linoleum. A female student was sitting nearby, also looking down at the floor. I spoke to her in German, saying that I was afraid I might have broken the floor. I used the German word "gebrochen." It didn't sound quite right to say "broken" when referring to the floor, but I didn't know what other word to use. The student seemed unconcerned, and when I examined the floor, I saw that it appeared to have many cracks in it. I didn't know whether the cracks were part of the design, or whether the floor was actually cracked. Either way, it appeared that my action hadn't mattered and I turned to leave.

As soon as Carolina and I stepped into the hall, a tall thin woman (perhaps 50 years old) began walking along beside me. I quickly realized she was a bill collector and that she was trying to collect the money for an overdue credit card. I hadn't even realized I had missed a payment. But I thought it was possible. When Carolina and I boarded a taxi which was plying the halls, the woman got into the back seat with me, seated on my right, and continued harassing me about the bill. Apparently she wanted me to go to some kind of seminar where the payment of debts would be discussed. She pulled out a blue piece of paper to show how much I owed. The amount was over six hundred dollars. It looked as if the monthly payment had been three hundred and some dollars, and that I had missed two payments.

Although I thought I would still make the payments, I didn't want to talk any more with this woman. She was becoming rather nasty, whispering disparaging remarks into my right ear. I decided I was going to have to get rid of her, and thought I would simply look for a policeman and tell him that the woman was harassing me.

When the cab finally stopped and Carolina and I got out, the halls were in chaos, with people running in every which direction. In the confusion, we managed to lose the woman. But our troubles weren't over. It appeared that the people running through the halls were all people who were being pursued by their creditors. Apparently the creditors were attacking this building. It was obvious that the creditors were a vicious lot, and that their intention was to beat and injure all the people in the building.

As Carolina and I turned the corner of a side hall, someone called out that we should not go down there, that the creditors were waiting at the end of the hall. We turned back and looked for some place safe. It seemed that the only safe place was against the walls of the hallway. I saw several people lined up along the walls. One black woman in a white tee shirt was even carrying a small baby. Carolina and I walked toward the walls, just as a group of club-bearing creditors entered the hallway. But when Carolina and I stood against the wall, the men walked on past without bothering us.

Near to us was a stairway leading upward. Some of the other people standing against the wall also noticed the stairs, and after the creditors had passed, we all began climbing them. I thought if we could simply get out of this section of hallway, we hopefully could find a place of safety upstairs.

Once we had reached the next floor, we came out on an area where the hallway circled around a wall on one side, over which we could look into a courtyard below. I could hear screams coming from the courtyard, and I knew that a pitched battle was taking place down there. I was unsure I even wanted to look, because I knew it must be a grizzly scene, to see people be beaten. But I walked toward the wall, intending to look down at what was happening below.

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