Dream of: 09 May 1998 "Rye, Wheat And Oats"

Three men, Carolina, and I were seated at a round table. Carolina was sitting on my right. We had just begun playing a game which I called "Jeopardy" The idea of the game was fairly simple. I had written a word on a piece of paper, and the other people were supposed to figure out what the word was. The way this was accomplished was by my giving them clues. I explained that I would give a clue, and then they would ask a question. I would then answer their question for them.

However, I was a little confused myself about how the game was actually played. The word I had written on the paper was "rye," but the clues I was thinking of giving had nothing to do with rye. I was thinking of giving a clue about George Washington. I thought about giving a clue about Roman Emperors, the answer to which would be Julius Caesar. But suddenly I realized I was missing an important part of the game. It was necessary to define what category the word was in. Clearly the word I had written was in the category of "things" and I had been thinking of clues about "people." The clues I had been given weren't any good at all for this category, and I would have to think of better clues.

Suddenly, however, I noticed Carolina had been glancing at my paper. I quickly accused her of looking at the word, and she admitted she had. I wasn't angry with her, but I realized I would have to change the word. However, I still wanted to use a word which was similar to the one I had been using. I wanted to stay in the area of "grains." I thought I might use "wheat," or I might use "oats." I might even use "rye" again. It was difficult to decide.

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