Dream of: 08 May 1998 "Life In The Garage"

I had recently moved into the spacious two-story garage behind the Ressinger House and I was now living in the garage. I hadn't yet arranged everything, and the room was cluttered with things which had been stored in the garage. I didn't even have a bed, and I was simply using some covers to sleep on the concrete floor.

I had spent the night in the garage and had just awakened to the sound of a radio. Still lying in bed, I needed a few minutes to shake the sleep from my eyes, before I realized the radio seemed to be blaring from a house on the other side of the alley behind the garage. The noise was quite disturbing. I wasn't ready to be awakened so early in the morning – the sky outside wasn't even lit yet. Finally, I decided I was simply going to have to go to the house across the alley and ask the person to turn off the radio. I stood up and walked into the back yard of our house, then turned the corner of the garage toward the alley. But just as I started to step around the corner, the music from the radio stopped. At the same time, I noticed a car parked in the alley and a man was climbing out of it. I quickly deduced that the man was just returning home and that when he had pulled up, the car radio had been playing, and then the radio had been turned off when the car stopped. So the radio hadn't been in the house after all and the problem seemed to be solved. I backed up so the man couldn't see me and I watched as he walked to the back door of the house next door and went inside.

I walked back into the garage and again lay down on the floor. But before I could go back to sleep, something else caught my attention. Sitting next to me was a large old-fashioned radio made of brown wood. What was peculiar about the radio was that through a thin slot, I could see images from a color television show. I could barely hear the sound of the show. I sat up and began examining the radio more carefully. It didn't make any sense that such an old radio would have a color television inside it. I poked around at the radio until finally a front door opened, revealing a shelf inside the radio. Now I had the answer: sitting on the shelf was a small portable television which was turned on. I seemed to remember that the television belonged to me, that I had left it here about a year ago. But had I left the television turned on for a whole year? I wondered how much electricity would have been consumed in a year's time.

Some other items which apparently belonged to me were also lying inside the radio. A small cellophane bag containing colorful postage stamps lay inside. All the stamps were thin and tall, and most of them appeared to be unused. Also on the shelf were several watches, probably a dozen in all, and some of them had been tacked onto the sides of walls of the shelf. Some watches were digital and still had numbers on them. I wondered if the watches were all in working condition. I found it peculiar that I would have left all these watches here, but apparently I had.

Suddenly I heard someone outside the garage. Only now did I realize I was completely naked. Just as I grabbed up a blue sleeping bag lying on the floor and spread it over my lower body, my sister stepped inside the door. She looked as if she were in her early 20s and was quite pretty. I was immediately aroused when I saw her. The idea of sitting naked in front of her with nothing but this sleeping bag to cover me seemed particularly erotic. I wondered how she would react if I were to let the sleeping bag slip off me. I did let the side of the sleeping bag slip a little so most of my legs were visible, so she could see I wasn't wearing anything. But I still kept my private area covered.

My sister walked over to a couch and sat down. She seemed happy and had a smile on her face. I was only concentrated on what she was wearing: some kind of white, almost diaphanous attire. When she sat down on the couch, she crossed her legs so I could plainly see the white panties she was wearing. Through the panties I could make out the outline of her dark pubic area. By now I definitely had an erection and I was uncertain where this was all going to lead.

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