Dream of: 05 May 1998 "Medical School"

Some friends and family members were supposed to meet me at a hospital where we were going to watch a doctor perform an operation. As we began to assemble in a hospital room, the doctor and some of his assistants walked in and began preparing for the operation. Not all of my group had yet arrived, but those of us who were present sat down in seats similar to ones which might be found in a movie theater. We looked up at the doctor who remained standing in front of us.

I became distracted by something else. Down close to the floor, on the back of the seat in front of me, was a small metal brace which served as a footrest. Each seat in the row in front of me had one of these footrests, and under each footrest was a piece of wood. Up and down the row, all the pieces of wood were solid and in good condition, except for the one in front of the seat directly on my left. Another fellow had sat down in that seat, and I pointed out to him that the piece of wood on the footrest in front of his seat was rotten. I reached down and picked up the piece of wood, which was as light as balsam wood. I explained to him that the wood had rotted because doctors typically sat in that seat, and they often had chemicals on their shoes. The chemicals had dripped off into the wood and contaminated it.

The fellow reached down on the floor where I had picked up the wood, and he informed me that a small egg was lying under the footrest. I found this fact interesting, but I had no explanation for why an egg would be lying on the floor. I certainly didn't think the egg could have been engendered by the chemicals from the doctors' feet.

By now most of my friends and relatives had arrived and taken their seats, although some hadn't yet shown up and some seats were still empty. I noticed a woman whom I hadn't seen in many years, Biester, sitting not far from me. Biester was an attorney whom I had once known in Dallas, but who had moved away long ago. I had always found her attractive and at one time had thought we might become involved, but it had never happened. I wondered now that she was back again, whether we might have a chance of getting together.

Another thought soon became more prominent in my mind. I began wondering if it might be possible for me myself to become a medical doctor. I knew it would be difficult to achieve because I was already in my 40s, but it shouldn't take that long. I would simply have to return to a college, perhaps The Ohio State University, and take enough hours to have a science major. Biology would be the logical choice. While I had originally been in college I had thought of studying medicine, and had taken all the necessary courses except for the major. If I completed the requirements for a science major, I could possibly enter medical school within a year. Such a possibility seemed strange indeed, but not out of the question.

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