Dream of: 01 May 1998 "Flying Blind"

I was walking along the sidewalk in front of the Ressinger House. I thought I would circle around the entire block and survey the area. However instead of walking, I rose off the ground and began flying. I knew I was a good flyer when I wanted to be, but I had been lax lately in exercising my flying abilities, and I thought now would be a good time to practice some flying. At the same time, I thought I would try a new flying technique — I decided to fly with my eyes closed. As I headed briskly down the street, about a meter high off the ground, I shut my eyes. To my delight, even with my eyes closed, I was still able to perceive my surroundings well enough to maneuver along the street. I could sense the sidewalk and the houses along the margin, vague yet distinct images. Moving along in an upright position, I became even more daring and swooped into the porch of one house. From here I passed to the porch of the neighboring house and so on until I reached the corner. Here I soared out of the last porch on the street, turned the corner and glided along again above the sidewalk.

As I continued around the block, I reflected that I should fly once around the block every day. In the future I might even tie a black cloth around my eyes to insure that I couldn't see anything. I might also carry a cane with a red tip on the end, the kind blind people carry, to signal to people that I couldn't see. Of course I knew I would look a little strange if I were flying along in the air with a blind man's cane. But still, I liked the image.

After I turned the corner to come back up the last side of the block, I felt my flying powers beginning to wane. It seemed as if this side of the block was headed uphill. Soon I was barely moving, stretched out in a lying position with my face toward the ground, just a few centimeters above the earth. At some point, I again opened my eyes.

As I struggled along, I noticed a small black girl, probably only a couple years old, sitting in the front lawn of one house which I was passing. Almost immediately I felt drawn to her. It was almost a completely foreign feeling for me, to feel any type of closeness for a child. It was something akin to a feeling of love which I might have for my own daughter. As I slowly toiled past the girl, I thought she might move closer to me and kiss me on the cheek. When I was right next to the girl, I noticed the girl's tall black mother also standing in the yard. The mother was looking down on me, apparently aware that all my intentions toward the little girl were healthy and good, and seemed to approve of my being so close to the child. Yet I didn't think the child and I would touch.

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