Dream of: 27 April 1998 "Clues In A Church"

The colorful and intricate graphics of the computer game which I had been playing were fascinating. However, I now seemed stymied. On the computer screen in front of me was the image of an ornate building. I figured there must be some way to enter the mysterious edifice, but I couldn't seem to find the way in. Finally I decided to adjust the color of the picture, and I began turning a small knob above the upper right corner of the screen. To my delight and surprise, the image on the screen began to change. It was as if a camera were pulling away from the building, so the area surrounding the building could also be seen. Soon I could see the building was just one of many other buildings in a fairy-tale-like city. Obviously my fortuitous turning of the color knob had been the key to a hidden lock.

The scene on the screen abruptly changed again, now to the interior of the building. Slowly, as if being panned by a camera, the interior of the building was revealed. The walls were constructed of huge gray rocks stretching upward to a domed ceiling. The building was either an ancient temple or a primitive cathedral. Smaller than I had originally expected, the building was nevertheless awesome.

The scene shifted to a wall containing a niche with three white shelves, one over top the other. On each shelf sat a white marble bust of a man. The three imposing faces and bald heads reminded me of Roman statues. I tried to focus on the faces, thinking the busts contained some clue to the final solution of this game, but before I could find any meaning, the scene slowly shifted along the wall, over to some stairs also made of the same ponderous stone.

At the top of the stairs was a small statue, probably of bronze, of a man sitting on a horse and being attacked by a bear. I had witnessed this same motif earlier in the game — a bear attacking a man — and I now became convinced the man on horseback and the bear were definite clues. I needed to fix this idea in my mind so I could remember it later.

The scene moved down the heavy stairs, until it reached the bottom, where there stood yet another statue of a bear. This bear was by itself, with its head close to the ground, in front of a small door. As I looked closely at the door, I recalled I had seen this door when the scene had been on the exterior of the building. It now seemed to me the bear's nose pointing at the door was giving me a clue that if I returned to the exterior, I needed to remember this door, and try to find a way back inside through the door.

Abruptly the entire screen began to flicker. I knew what was happening — the scene of the interior of the temple was going to vanish, and I would be left again outside the temple. I wished someone else were near, like my wife Carolina, who could glimpse the interior of the temple so she also might remember it. I knew it might be very difficult to get back inside the temple again, and I didn't know if I could remember all the clues I had seen. I figured the color knob wouldn't work a second time, but obviously if I were going to solve this game, I would have to return to the interior of this building.

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Dream-journalists' relationships with animals is a strong clue of the person's character. Eating animals is a clue of an immoral character.

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