Dream of: 26 April 1998 "Jerry Lewis"

While visiting the Gallia County Farm, I went to the long barn at the bottom of the hill behind the Farmhouse. A couple teenage boys who were my step-cousins were lolling around the barn. Since none of us had anything to do at the moment, I suggested that we might move some of the heavy machinery which was sitting outside. It looked as if the machinery were in complete disarray and needed to be put in order. However, when neither of the boys seemed inclined to put forth any effort, I abandoned the idea.

Instead I focused on some items lying near the wide sliding doors at the rear of the barn. I quickly realized some of the things lying on the ground were mine, that they were some possessions which I had brought to the Farm for storage. I immediately picked up two boxes of puzzles. Each puzzle was about a movie. The first puzzle had the words "Jerry Lewis" written on it. I looked at the picture of the front of the box, anticipating seeing an image of the actor – a young slender wacky-looking Jerry Lewis. Instead, the picture of Lewis showed an aging puffy face of Lewis. But that didn't matter to me. What was important was that the box was still in good shape and hadn't been damaged.

The second box contained a blue-hued picture of a scene from a James Bond movie. This box was also in excellent shape. I thought of explaining to my cousins that I had collected and stored a quite a bit of movie paraphernalia on the Farm, anticipating that over the years the value of these items would increase dramatically. But I doubted my explanation would make much sense to them, so I said nothing.

I was uncertain why I had left so many items lying around the barn where they might be irreparably damaged. Also lying on the ground was a pair of black binoculars which I picked up and looked through. The binoculars appeared undamaged, but clearly they couldn't be left lying here on the ground. I also picked up a brown picture-viewer, the kind in which small round picture-disks are placed and viewed. The picture-viewer appeared to be in good shape.

I walked through the big sliding doors to the outside of the barn and found still more of my things lying out here on the ground. Scattered in the dirt were a dozen or more tubes of artist's paints. Sitting next to the barn was a plastic blue container, almost a meter long, in which I had originally hauled some of these things to the Farm. Since the container was empty, I thought I could use it now to store the things I was picking up.

After gathering up some of the items, I walked back to the front of the barn to see what else might be lying around. When I stepped outside, I saw a bulky stack of old metal cans and thought the cans should be cleaned out of the area and thrown in the trash. On top of the cans was lying an old rusty milk can, about a meter long. I might be able to salvage it, but it looked beyond repair.

Only now did I notice my father and some other men working at the base of the back hill. Amazingly, a large section of the hill had been bulldozed away, making much more space for parking at the bottom of the hill. I had heard that my father had been dozing away part of the hill, but I hadn't expected that so much had been done.

But stranger still, in the background, close to the barn, a wedding was taking place: my sister was getting married. Only vaguely did I sense her standing off to the side, robed in her white wedding gown. Other shadowy figures were also standing nearby, and I heard someone mention that my sister had only taken a couple days off from work for the wedding and that she was anxious to return to her job. Her working life seemed such a contrast to my life, since I hadn't had a job in what now seemed like a very long time.

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