Dream of: 22 April 1998 (2) "Something About The Devil"

I was in the House in New Boston with my mother, my nephew David and my nephew Steven. They were smoking marijuana and I joined them. The joint broke in two while I was holding it and I kept a small piece of it.

After smoking, I looked around the House and saw a copy of Look magazine with a picture of Barbara Streisand sitting on the cover. The name of a movie in which she was staring was written in black letters in the lower right corner. Something about the devil was mentioned in the title. Burt Bacharach's name also appeared on the cover.

I next noticed some eight-track tapes up high on a book shelf. I climbed up and looked around the top of the shelf and discovered a dinosaur model; the skin of the dinosaur looked like rocks; rust-colored snakes were crawling out its sides.

When I finally left the House, I walked down a very steep dirt path which I had to slide down part of the way.

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