Dream of: 22 April 1998 "Burrish"

Three other fellows and I were sitting at a table, one of us on each side. We were having a conversation about words, and different ways to use words. As we talked, a horse came walking into the area toward us. As the horse moved in our direction, music accompanied each step. I didn't know where the music came from, but the sound was clearly joined to the movements of the horse, almost as if the music somehow emanated from the horse. This vision of the horse and the music seemed to me to illustrate beautifully the very thoughts I had been having about words. Just as the music accompanied the horse, it seemed to me that words could also somehow be intrinsically accompanied by music.

I loved thinking about words like this. As my mind reeled along, I came across another idea which I thought I might like to start trying. The idea was to intentionally mispronounce words. Although the correct pronunciation of words was generally considered a sign of intelligence, it seemed to me that incorrect pronunciation, if done thoughtfully, could be quite entertaining. As I shared my idea with the other three men sitting at the table, someone said, "It wouldn't be burrish."

This was exactly the type of thing I was talking about. Instead of saying the word "boring" or "boresome," the person had mispronounced the word saying "burrish." The word "burrish," although it didn't actually exist, also brought to mine the word "burro," a word which was commonly associated with someone of a stubborn or torpid attitude. This reflected what I was trying to say. Mispronouncing words at the proper time wouldn't be boring or torpid — it could be quite exciting.

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