Dream of: 20 April 1998 (2) "Telling The Truth"

Carolina and I had driven to the tall frame house of one of my former bankruptcy clients, a middle-aged black woman. We pulled up at the rear of the house and stepped from the car. As I looked up the stairs which led to the back porch, high over my head, the black woman stepped out onto the porch and looked down at me. After greeting her, I explained that although she had completed her bankruptcy case, some problems had sprung up concerning her house and her car. I had recently discussed the problems with her on the phone, but I thought I needed to talk with her in person. Although I normally didn't visit my clients at their homes, in this case I thought it was necessary.

As the woman stood above me, talking with me, it suddenly occurred to me something wasn't quite right here. Then I remembered the woman had told me she had sold this house. I realized her present problems with the house probably arose from her prevarications, and I attacked, "You didn't tell the truth."

I explained to the woman that if she had sold the house the way she had said she was gong to, she wouldn't have any problems now. The woman seemed completely thrown off balance by what I had said. She didn't know how to respond. I turned to Carolina and told her that we needed to leave, that there was nothing else we could do here today. As Carolina and I headed back toward the car, I was uncertain I would do anything else to help the woman out of her problems.

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