Dream of: 20 April 1998 "Disembodied Eyeball"

Five people, including myself, were crammed into a car, struggling over a mountainous snow-covered road. Suddenly the car spun out of control on the slick pavement and we violently lurched off the side of the road into a ditch. But no one was hurt and we all climbed from the car into the snow to assess the damage. Trees surrounded us on both sides of the road, with no buildings anywhere in sight. We had no idea how far away was the nearest house. If the snow got much deeper and cut off traffic completely, we could be stranded here in the middle of nowhere.

Suddenly we saw a car moving toward us from the same direction we had come. But no sooner was the car in our sight than it likewise slid off the side of the road. But the wreck of this car was much worse than ours had been. The car rolled over and over, right down the middle of the road, headed straight toward us. Since I was standing in the road, I tried to estimate where the car was going to end up, so I could jump out of the way. But just before it reached me, it came to an abrupt halt, sitting back up on its wheels. However the car was so mangled, I wondered if anyone could have survived.

All of us rushed over to the wreck to see if anyone was still alive. When I reached the car, I didn't see anyone inside, but was surprised to see five or six young Dalmatians stick their heads out the windows. They all seemed unhurt, and we quickly let them out of the car.

Now I wanted to know what had happened to the driver. I began walking back toward the spot where the wreck had first occurred, thinking the driver must have been thrown from the car. A grisly sight awaited me when I reached the spot. There, the ground seemed besmeared with some kind of greasy liquid substance, which I concluded must be the remains of the driver, whose body must have been so smashed and mutilated, there was nothing left. How gruesome it would be if I were to find a disembodied eyeball here in the debris.

I hurried back to the wrecked car. I wondered what we would do with the Dalmatians. I already had two Dalmatians of my own, so I couldn't keep them, even though they were adorable. It might be possible that I could take on one more Dalmatian, but that would be a strain. I didn't know what we could do with the dogs.

Once I reached the smashed car, I was surprised to find that a police officer had already pulled up and was investigating the accident. He informed us that several motels were nearby, nestled back in the woods. Clearly we would have to take a room in one of the motels until this mess was sorted out.

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