Dream of: 18 April 1998 "Disgruntled Employee"

My father was walking briskly toward his car. As I hurried along beside him, he divulged that he was worried that one of his disgruntled employees might have damaged the car. The employee had threatened to pound an area around the tires so the car wouldn't be able to move. When we reached the car (a large white station wagon), we immediately saw that the back fender had been savagely beaten with something, bent in so it would scrape the tires. I walked around to the front of the car and saw that a piece of metal had also been damaged there. I pointed out that the front wasn't too bad, however, because the piece of metal could probably be easily removed and replaced.

Suddenly it occurred to me that my own car was parked nearby, and I asked my father if he thought there was any danger that his employee might also take his wrath out on my car. When my father indicated that it was entirely possible, I knew I needed to hurry off to my own car. I was especially worried because I had left a stack of money (about $1,500) lying on the dash of the car. Surely if someone tried to damage the car, the money would also be stolen.

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