Dream of: 16 April 1998 (2) "Torture Chamber"

I had received a motion to dismiss one of my cases in judge McGuire's bankruptcy court. I had thought I no longer had any cases pending; but if I did have a case, I should be able to challenge the motion to dismiss under federal rules.

I headed toward the court house. People would be surprised to see me, I hadn't been in court in such a long time.

I took a short-cut through some buildings which looked like apartments; only blacks lived here. I slipped through an overgrown back area of the apartments and made my way through a path which had been hacked out in the brush. At the end I reached a big gray weathered wooden door. What if I were to open this door and find a torture chamber on the other side, with dead and dying bodies hanging in various states of torture? Such a grisly image! But it was just my imagination probably nothing like that was on the other side of the door.     

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