Dream of: 15 April 1998 "Bullwinkle"

A young black fellow and I were walking along together, headed toward a city whose skyline we could see in the distance. The buildings of the city resembled those of Dallas, especially one blue-glass tower with sloping angular sides. In order to reach the city, the black fellow and I would first have to cross a wide fairground, with a fair in process, which blocked our way. We had no sooner stepped onto the fairgrounds, than I noticed some objects which interested me lying around on the ground. One item was a brown plastic inflatable toy, about a meter tall, resembling Bullwinkle the Moose, the cartoon character. I picked it up, examined it closely, and discovered that it was in good shape. I also saw a brown moose-colored boxing glove, also obviously a Bullwinkle item, and likewise picked it up. I thought people at the fair had just thrown the items away for some reason, and I decided I would keep them.

The black fellow and I hurried on, entering a shed where the show animals were kept. I told the fellow that we had still had a long ways to go, and that it might be a good idea to jog. Agreeing, he set out at a jog in front of me, while I followed close behind. But I continued to be distracted by curiosities lying along the way. I scooped up a couple of small stuffed animals, both in good shape. A third large stuffed animal, however, had been torn, and I threw it back down after picking it up. I also found a sturdy pillow with the word "Purina" embroidered on it, and a small tag on its side which also said "Purina." I had never thought about it before, but it now occurred to me that many companies made items which they distributed at fairs. If a person were interested in collecting advertising paraphernalia, a fair would certainly be an ideal place to survey.

When I finally stepped out of the barn, I realized I had a problem: I had lost my companion. All around me was a teeming crowd of fair-goers, but the black fellow was nowhere in sight. I thought I could go back into the barn and look for him, but that didn't seem prudent. He had been running ahead of me, so certainly he must have already left the barn. I shuffled awkwardly on. At one point I almost stepped into the area of one of the fair rides, but I stepped back when I saw my mistake.


Continuing my journey alone, I made it to the house which I had been trying to reach. After stepping inside for a moment, I came back out and found the black fellow standing in the yard. I was surprised to see him, because after I had left the fairgrounds, I had managed to catch a ride most of the way in a vehicle. Since I figured the black fellow had been forced to walk, I hadn't expected him to show up so soon.

He seemed a bit sulky, as if he thought I had intentionally abandoned him at the fairgrounds. I tried to explain to him what had happened, that I had simply lost sight of him and had been unable to find him. He seemed to calm down a bit.

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