Dream of: 13 April 1998 "Interrupted Prayer"

I was standing in a room with a group of men getting ready to pray to God. Just as a woman in the front of the room started the prayer, and I began praying, someone behind me grabbed my arms. I shrugged the person off, but again my arms were grabbed, as if someone wanted to fight with me. Seeing no alternative, I turned and faced the person, a thin short man (probably 60 years old). When he pugnaciously attacked me, I tried to fend him off. I had no idea why he wanted to fight, but he clearly wasn't going to leave me alone.

Since I was bigger than he, I thought I should be able to handle him without too much problem. I did manage to wrestle him down so I was on top of him, but before I could stop him, he put his head between my legs and began biting my scrotum, through my pants. He just barely had a bite-hold on the skin around my right testes. But I was very concerned he might cause me some serious damage. I thought I might retaliate by grabbing his testes and yanking them. Maybe then he would let go. But I was uncertain I should do that.

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