Dream of: 12 April 1998 (2) "House For Sale"

I was in the garage of my Summerdale Drive House, cleaning a bathtub which was located in a bathroom in the garage. I was putting cleaner on a large gray spot and scrubbing it rigorously. When I looked up, I saw my neighbor from across the street standing in the doorway of the garage. The old man looked thinner and a little healthier than usual. He asked me about the house on the corner, which was for sale, and said he might be interested in buying it. I replied, "I'm sorry to hear that. I wish you would buy mine."

I knew I was anxiously trying to sell my house, and I wished the neighbor would consider buying mine instead of the house on the corner. I asked him if he would like to see the inside of my house, and he said he would. But just as I rose to go show him the house, I realized I had shampoo in my hair which I would have to wash out first. I told him I would show him the house, but he would have to wait just a bit first.

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