Dream of: 12 April 1998 "Twelfth Grade"

Due to the fact that I had never received a high school diploma, I was once again in the twelfth grade, sitting in a room full of students. But I wondered what all the other students would think if they knew I already had a law degree. Some of them might even plan on going to law school. One girl in particular looked like the type who would attend law school. She was so prim and proper, just the kind of person I disliked.

I wasn't paying much attention to the class. At first a woman was teaching, but she was soon replaced by a man. I was more interested in eating breakfast, which consisted of law books. The large books (about the size of Encyclopedia Brittanicas) were stacked in on my desk. One at time I would put them on my plate, pour syrup over them like pancakes, and eat them. I consumed three or four, but I didn't eat the last two.

My meal finished, I felt like leaving. I thought I should be able to depart whenever I wanted, due to my special status of already having a law degree. Since my chair was right next to the door, when the teacher's back was turned, I was able to stand and quickly slip out. As soon as I was in the hall, I heard the teacher holler that no one could leave the class. But I didn't stop. I hurried down the hall, looking for a classroom or bathroom where I could slip into and hide for five minutes until the coast was clear. Then I could come back out and leave the building.

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