Dream of: 11 April 1998 "Draft Card"

I was traveling in the back seat of a car in which several strong-looking strangers were riding. I was a little concerned because I had about six thousand dollars in hundred dollar bills in my pocket, and I didn't know these fellows. I furtively slipped some of the hundreds into my sock; but I still had several hundred dollars, as well as some other papers, in my pocket. One of the papers was a draft card, which also concerned me, because I knew that the other fellows wanted a draft card.

We stopped at a store for a short while, and when we started off again, we were hauling a little cart on the top of the trunk. Sitting in the cart were a woman and her blonde-haired daughter (only about 10 years old). From where I was sitting I was able to easily talk with the woman, who was quite attractive. I moved closer and closer to her until finally I felt a pair of lips on my lips. But I was taken aback when I realized the lips belonged to the daughter and not the mother. The daughter then slipped out of the cart and began hugging me. I felt somewhat attracted to her and I already had an erection; but I was fighting the attraction because the daughter was so young.

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