Dream of: 05 April 1998 "Sense Of Zero"

Several people in the room were discussing a passage from the Bible. One fellow sat down on my right, laid a Bible on the table and began looking through it for the passage in question. It just happened that I had recently come across this particular passage myself. People weren't aware that I knew much about the Bible, but actually I was fairly familiar with it. I had a version of the New Testament on cassette tapes which I frequently listened to. It was while listening to the tapes that I had recently heard this particular passage. I quickly told the fellow that the passage was located in the fourth chapter of either Luke or Mark, but I couldn't remember which. I even surprised myself that I knew this information. If I kept this up, I would soon even be able to tell the exact verses of certain passages.

The fellow quickly found the passage, and indeed it was in the fourth chapter of Luke. He read out loud to everyone the passage, which described Jesus' attitude toward "reason," although the meaning was a little vague. I mentioned to the fellow reading that in the following passage, there was somewhat of an explanation of what Jesus had said. The fellow read and then announced, "He says it's a sense of zero."

I was uncertain if the fellow was quoting directly what the passage said, or if he was just paraphrasing, but what he said made some sense to me. The "reason" he was talking about was man's ability to reason. Therefore he was comparing man's ability to reason with man's ability to comprehend the concept of "zero."

Trying to understand, I thought in some scenarios it might make sense. For example, if I were looking at an empty room, my reason might give me a "sense of zero," but if ten people were in the room, it would be difficult for me to have such an understanding.

Nevertheless, there did seem to me to be some close connection between "reason" and the "sense of zero."

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