Dream of: 04 April 1998 "A Close Call"

Carolina and I were walking my pet Dalmatian Picasso. Picasso – not on a leash – suddenly raced off ahead of us. When I hollered to him to return and he refused, I finally had to go after him. Just as I reached him I pulled off my belt and gave him a sharp whack with it. As he cowed next to me, I regretted having hit him because I remembered my belt had a silver metal stud on the end; I was afraid I had hit him too hard with it. But I was only trying to train him for his own good; I was worried that one day he would run off and be injured if he didn't learn to obey. I mentioned to Carolina that Donna had trained her dog to always obediently stay with her. I just wished we could train Picasso the same way.

We headed back to where we were living, our new home. We had just moved into a tiny Texas town on the border of Mexico. Our little cement house sat abutting the sidewalk in the small downtown. The front living room didn't even have a wall, but was open to the sidewalk. As Carolina and I sat down in the living room, Picasso (still off the leash) suddenly took off running out of the living room and across the street in front of the house. I screamed at him to come back, but he was running as fast as he could and paying no attention to me. Suddenly I saw a semi-truck headed straight toward Picasso. As I watched Picasso moving toward the wheels I just stood in shock, waiting for him to be run over – there was nothing I could do. But to my utter disbelief, the truck passed by before Picasso reached it, and Picasso safely made it to the other side of the street. I now saw that he had been running toward a small black dog on the other side of the street. I hurried over to bring Picasso back. It had been a very close call.

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