Dream of: 03 April 1998 (2) "Homeless"

My wife Carolina and I were homeless on a city street with buildings all around us. I had found a place on a bench or table to spread out our large blue sleeping bag, and then I had crawled in. When Carolina pulled herself into the sleeping bag, with her head at the other end, I realized we had a slight problem. I hadn't yet zipped up the bag, but saw it would be difficult to zip the bag with her head at one end and mine at the other. I thought it might be possible to zip up the bag and still leave a small place for my head at the foot of the bag, but doing so would be difficult.

I had other worries on my mind. I had 30-40 hard-back books which I was carrying around with me, books now lying spread around the sleeping bag. I was concerned the police might come along and confiscate all the books. I was also preoccupied about being searched by the police. Being homeless, if I ever had any drugs on me, hiding them would be difficult. Although I wasn't carrying any drugs at the moment, I was trying to formulate a plan for doing so in the future. I thought if I wanted to carry some marijuana, I might try a little ruse. I would carry a small baggie of tobacco in my pocket. If the police searched me, they would find the tobacco, and first think it was marijuana. When they realized their mistake, they would probably be too embarrassed to continue searching. As for the marijuana itself, I would have hidden it inside one of my books. The largest book I had was a blue-covered book about art. I thought I could hollow out the inside of the book and stash the marijuana in there. But that seemed a little risky, because one of the police officers might decide to take a look at the pictures in the book. A better place might be a Bible. If I hollowed out a place inside the Bible, and stuck the marijuana in there, it was unlikely the police would think to search inside the Bible. That seemed like a possible solution.

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