Dream of: 03 April 1998 "Church Overhead"

While visiting a home where my father was living, I was provided with an upstairs bedroom where I could stay. Having never visited this house before, I looked over the sparsely furnished bedroom, acclimating myself to it. I turned on a black radio and began listening to a routine by the comedian Al Franken. But after a few minutes, I noticed my pet dog (a Dalmatian who had been with me before) was missing. Thinking I knew where he had gone, I stepped out into the hall and walked to a door at the end of the hallway.

I had seen this door earlier and had been curious about it. The door was oversized — about twice the size of a normal door — and had no handle or lock. When I pushed the bulky door, it swung effortlessly open, and I stepped through. Inside the door rose some stairs — perhaps three meters wide — leading up to the next floor. Since I was probably already on the fourth floor, the floors above me were obviously very high from the ground. I was aware the floors above me weren't actually a part of my father's home, but were part of another establishment, perhaps a church. I was a bit hesitant to proceed up the stairs, uncertain what I would encounter, but I was prompted forward by my need to find my dog.

I gingerly climbed the stairs to the top where I encountered a glass door, which I peered through. Just on the other side of the door were two long, brown dogs which looked almost identical. Then I saw my male Dalmatian, along with a second female Dalmatian. My dog looked so happy; now I understood he had come up there to find the female.

I opened the door and walked through into a long hall with doorways off to my left. As I walked along the hall I glanced into the rooms where many people appeared to be busy working. I still had the feeling I was in a church, and at one point I even thought I glimpsed a bishop or someone dressed in some similar religious garb. But I also had the feeling the people in the rooms were poor people who worked for a non-profit organization such as Goodwill Industries. I was intrigued to learn what they were doing, especially since they were working right over top of where I was staying.

I finally walked into one small empty room, hardly bigger than a closet, looked around and saw a bookshelf with a set of Encyclopedia Britannica on it. I bent over to examine the books, noting they were a recent edition of brown-backed books. These could definitely come in handy — if I ever needed an encyclopedia, I only needed to come up here and use these.

Until she spoke to me, I hadn't noticed that my wife Carolina was also in the room. She spoke up and agreed with me that the Encyclopedias might come in handy later. As she and I turned and walked out of the room, continuing to talk, Carolina seemed less like herself, and more like a conglomerate of other women in my past, especially my high school girlfriend, Birdie, who like Carolina, had had black hair. Together we walked over to a balcony from which we could now stand at a railing and look out on the surrounding countryside. I immediately knew we were in Paris, France, and I looked out over the treetops at the isolated buildings towering above the trees. I had always loved Paris and particularly enjoyed knowing the names of prominent buildings and landmarks in Paris. I pointed out some of the buildings to the woman, who however didn't completely share my interest. She said she would be interested in the buildings in London, but not in Paris.

By now I noticed our building was moving, as if we were atop a gigantic bus. We were about five stories high, sweeping over the splendid view of the Parisian landscape. We passed a large circular building made of heavy stone. Then we came to the ruins of a building which looked as if it might have been built in Roman times. Only the front facade of the building was still standing, propped up by timbers behind it.

I also soon noticed we had been joined by another friend, a fellow sitting on the balcony with his legs hanging over the edge. The woman with me and the fellow sitting on the balcony had become my two closest friends in Paris, and I was intensely happy being there with them. I had heard before of a group of three friends who had visited Paris together and had experienced wonderful times together. Now I was doing the same thing, and I loved it. When the fellow stood up beside the woman and me, we all three put our faces together and hugged each other. I hadn't known I could enjoy being with other people so much.

When we stepped back from each other, I could see that the woman was becoming tired, and that she would like to lie down and rest. I also felt as if she were somewhat attracted to the other fellow. Even though she and I were a couple, her attraction to him didn't bother me at all, and I told her I thought she was a little in love with him, saying in German, "Du bist ein bisschen verliebt."

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