Dream of: 30 March 1998 "George Of The Jungle"

A spacious high-ceilinged room, as big as a gymnasium, was filled with a class of students, all sitting in their seats, while a portly middle-aged black man stood lecturing in front of the class. The subject of the lecture was — Christmas. I wasn't particularly interested in learning anything about Christmas and thus I paid little attention to the professor. I was more interested in a young black fellow who resembled the comedic actor Chris Rock. Sitting right in front of me, the fellow turned around and joked with me about the ludicrousness of the class and the way most students were so intently interested. I certainly agreed with him, especially since the class had nothing to do with the actual reason for Christmas, but was focused on Christmas decorations. Even the topic of decorations seemed lacking, because although some decorations were around the room, there was no Christmas tree. I failed to see how the subject of Christmas decorations could be adequately covered without a Christmas tree.

I stood up and walked around the room. (The professor's control was lax, and he didn't seem to care much what the students did.) One student soon caught my attention — an attractive woman (probably in her early 30s). She was tall and full-bodied, dressed in a beige suit. Immediately upon seeing this woman, I knew she was exactly the kind of woman I wanted to be with. There was just something irresistible about her, and I began trying to think of some way to meet her.

Before I could act, however, the professor suddenly turned on the Christmas displays hanging from the ceiling and walls. I hadn't realized all the displays were electrified. They all now began to glow or spin with brilliant colors. I was temporarily mesmerized. Even I began to think there might be some value after all in the Christmas displays. Perhaps I could learn something in this class.

By now the room had taken on a festive, party atmosphere. People were up walking around, mingling with each other. Louise and her husband were even in the crowd. As soon as I saw Louise, I began formulating a little fantasy in my mind. I wished I could go up to the woman in the beige suit and quickly ask her to pretend that she was my wife. I could then proudly introduce her to Louise, proving to Louise how well I had chosen a new wife. In my fantasy, I imagined the woman in the beige suit even pulling out a set of wedding rings which she happened to be carrying — one for her and one for me. I even imagined the woman had been in this situation before, and the man's ring would therefore split so it would be adjustable, able to fit anyone's finger. The woman and I would both slip on our rings just before we spoke to Louise, so we would be able to show the evidence that we were married.


The party was over, the room was empty. The only person I could now see sitting among the empty desks was Carolina. I felt a little groggy. It seemed as if it were two or three o'clock in the afternoon, and I was just waking up. When I stood up and walked over to Carolina, she was talking on the phone, and I demanded to know with whom she was talking. For some reason, I thought Carolina might be talking to the woman in the beige dress. But when I saw that Carolina was just talking with one of her friends, I began abrasively criticizing her, accusing her of talking on the phone all the time and wasting her time. She quickly hung up the phone and her face began to pucker up as if she were going to cry. I immediately felt bad for having spoken so roughly, and I tried to change the subject to something else. I asked her if anyone else was still left in the room. She pointed to a seat near her and said a fellow whom she called "George of the Jungle" was sitting there, but that he had stepped away for a few moments. I didn't know why she had referred to the fellow as "George of the Jungle." I thought maybe it was because he sometimes had a tendency to act uncivilized.

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