Dream of: 29 March 1998 "Soybeans"

Soybeans. I could plant soybeans on the Gallia County Farm and raise a crop. Perhaps a couple hundred acres of the land on the Farm was tillable, and it wasn't being used now for anything except weeds. Soybeans were something I could feel good about raising. Soybeans had many uses, and all of them were beneficial for mankind. I would actually be producing something I could be proud of.

Could I make any profit from a crop of soybeans? It seemed the calculations would be rather simple. I would merely have to determine the number of acres and figure up how much the fertilizer, herbicide and seed would cost. Then I would have to reckon the number of bushels of soybeans I could produce per acre and how much each bushel of soybeans would bring. I knew I wouldn't make a lot of money. If I only cleared $10,000.00 a year, I would be happy.

Controlling the weeds would be one of the most expensive matters. I would have to buy the weed killer and then treat all the fields. I wondered if it might be cheaper to simply hire people to go into the field and hoe the weeds. If the labor were cheap enough, perhaps I could save money that way.

As far as the equipment, most of what I needed was already on the Farm. As far as I knew, the big John Deere tractor was still in good shape. However at harvest time, I would have to hire someone to bring in a harvesting machine for the soybeans. Perhaps someday I would be able to buy a soybean harvester, but at the moment I would simply have to hire someone who had a harvester.

The entire project seemed workable. Besides that, I would also learn more about the commodities market, and I might even start trading in soybeans on the markets. I had never traded in commodities, but knew there was a lot of money to be made there if a person knew what he was doing.

I wondered when I could begin. I would need some time to make all the calculations and preparations. Actually, if I wanted, I could even raise a crop this year. It was almost spring, time for planting. If I hurried, it was possible I could still set out a crop this spring, but that might be rushing it.


I was walking through the field on the hill just above the Farmhouse. I had planted my crop of soybeans, which looked more like a crop of tall green corn, rising over my head. I jerked out a few weeds. I recalled I had often come out here and pulled out weeds myself, every time I walked through the field. Many weeds were still waiting to be pulled in some sections. However the crop looked good. I was happy with the results.

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