Dream of: 19 March 1998 "Skeleton In Armor"

An overcast sky followed me along the street as I made my way toward school. I had been living in this Spanish-speaking country for several months while I attended the university. Today would be the first day of classes after a short break. I wasn't anxious to return, and I was thinking of a change which I planned to make in my class schedule — I wasn't going to go to my mathematics class anymore. There was no point in continuing with math — I was obviously going to fail. I might as well stop taking the math class now and begin focusing on my other classes. I would simply have to retake the math class during the next term.

When I reached the tall somber building of the university, I had to climb up some extremely steep narrow metal stairs for six or seven stories before I could reach the front door. In front of the door was an area where I stopped to look around at the view from the height. I first noticed a large statue of a man – about twice life size – sitting in chair. The statue was particularly striking, and I wondered why I had never seen it before. I thought I needed to pay more attention to such things, and I looked around to see if there were any more statues.

I walked to the edge of the platform where I was standing, to a metal railing which surrounded the area. Now I could look over the edge all the way to the ground. About half way down, raised high on a pedestal was another statue. It was difficult to clearly make out the details of the statue, but it appeared to be a skeleton dressed up in armor. The idea of a skeleton dressed in armor seemed splendid to me, and I tried to focus on the details. Finally I realized the rib bones weren't actually part of the sculpture, but were simply painted on a piece of metal along the area of the backbone, painted in such a way as to make them look real. Whoever had created the work had certainly done a good job.

It was time for me to go to class. But as I turned from the railing, a button on my jacket snagged on the metal. Unaware that the button had snagged, I was almost thrown off balance, and for an instant, I almost thought I was going to topple off the platform and fall to my death. But I was able to pull free. Shaken, I turned toward the front door of the building, glad that at least I had not had to holler out for someone to help me.

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